IGG Invites Lords Mobile Players to Tell Their Stories in the Lords Tales Event

In the words of Tyrion Lannister, “there’s nothing in the world more powerful than a good story. Nothing can stop it. No enemy can defeat it.”

Lords Mobile creator IGG clearly agrees with the embattled Westeros aristocrat, as the studio is holding an event encouraging players to write down and share their most exciting Lords Mobile stories. 

Your most surprising defeat, your toughest battle, your harshest betrayal – whatever it was that made the hairs stand up on the back of your next, write it down. 

You might not think of Lords Mobile as a narrative-driven experience, but it really is. With millions of players vying for supremacy every single day, the game is a veritable story factory, pumping out tragedy, comedy, fatal flaws, and spectacle by the bucketload. 

Just tell IGG yours. You’ll even be rewarded, irrespective of how good your story is. 

Every entrant will receive a Scholar Pack, and every voter gets a Citizen Pack. In fact, they can have as many Citizen Packs as they like, since multiple votes are allowed. 

Once the entries are in, IGG will review them all and pick the best 100 to go to a public vote. If your story makes it to this stage you’ll be in line for more prizes, including a Grand Caste Throne Skin, a limited edition Lords Cube, and a Noble Pack.

Plus, prepare to be popular since your guildmates will all receive rewards too – a Grand Pack per member. 

The Lords Tales begones on October 30th at 10.30, and it ends on November the 11th at midnight. That’s about a week and a half to compose your magnum opus. Go here to enter

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[Event Rules]

Entry Rules:

1. Submissions must be original stories.

2. Please use your own account to submit your entry. Prizes will be awarded to the accounts that submitted the winning entries. You may use a co-writer (but they must be credited in your entry). Plagiarised entries or entries that infringe on copyrights will be disqualified.

3. Entries cannot be edited once submitted. If edits are required, please submit a new entry. Only the latest entry will be available for review and voting.

4. The guild the winner submits their entry under will receive the “Grand Pack”. Only players in the guild on 2019/11/26 00:00 (GMT-5) will receive the prizes. 

5. Entries cannot include sensitive topics such as politics, pornography, etc. Entries that include such topics will be disqualified when reviewed. Only entries that pass the review will receive the “Scholar Pack”.

6. By submitting an entry, the entrant authorizes Lords Mobile to use their entry for any marketing or promotional purposes.

Voting Rules:

1. 100 winners will be chosen globally through voting. 

2. Players can get voting tickets by completing designated tasks. Each vote will reward the player with a “Citizen Pack”.

3. Players can get a maximum of 3 voting tickets per day (please check the voting page for more details). Voting tickets will expire at the end of the day at 00:00 (GMT -5). 

4. Voting will be separated by languages. Players can view and vote for entries that are written in the same language as the server they use.

5. Winners are determined by the voting results. As such, there may be more winners from a certain language than another. These winners and their guilds will receive prizes.6. To ensure fairness, we will monitor the votes in real-time. Our team reserves the right to disqualify votes or entries if we discover that fraudulent votes have been cast. 

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