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Lords Mobile is 4 Years Old and its Birthday Present is T5 Troops

Believe it or not, Lords Mobile is four years old. In celebration of this momentous milestone, developer IGG has put together a highly anticipated 4th Anniversary update, and the stars of the show are undoubtedly the new T5 Troops. More on those later.

For those of you who have been living in a cave, Lords Mobile is a huge, colorful open-world MMORPG in which you have to expand your empire through statecraft and conquest. There are millions of players to battle, countless clans to join, and even dragons to fight. 

One of the undisputed megahits of the last few years, Lords Mobile has 320 million active players rampaging across its battlefields every day. 

Almost five million users have reviewed it on mobile and Steam, awarding the game an average of over four stars. You could say it’s kind of a big deal. 

Research, level-up, craft

The new T5 Troops crank the action up a notch. To build them, you’ll need a Lunar Foundry where you can craft Luminous Gear. You’ll also need to unlock T5 Troops through research, enabling you to simply equip your T4 Troops with Luminous Gear to upgrade them.

To build the Lunar Foundry, meanwhile, you’ll need to clear Skirmish 2 and unlock Lustrous Mine. As long as you’re at Academy Level 25, you’ll have the option to research it. Your Lunar Foundry creates and stores Lunite, which you need in order to craft Luminous Gear. 

Of course, you need more than just Lunite to make Luminous Gear. You also need Food, Timber, Ore, Stones, and Gold. Assuming you’ve got all that, you can also use Speed Up Crafting to hurry the process along. 

If your T5 Troops are injured in battle – and they will be – you can heal them in the infirmary with Lunite. 

In addition to providing this new system, IGG is also running an anniversary event to thank loyal Lords Mobile players. Research Rush slashes the time and cost of research by 30%, and you’ll get a gift every day that you log in for all eight days of the event. 

Download Lords Mobile on Google Play for free.

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