Infection game Bacteris is now out on Google Play

Bacteris, a game about bacteria, is now available for Android devices. Within this game, players will assume the role of a single bacterial organism, and attempt to win the other bacteria over to your side. A level is completed once that is done. Here’s the catch though: the other organisms are attempting to “infect” you, the player, to their side.

All this is accmplished in a very straitforward manner. The player’s green bacteria has a number in it, as do each of the opposing bacteria. Players drag their finger from their own bacteria to one they would like to convert. If the number is higher in their own bacteria, they now have two. The bacteria constantly build up the number of their strength, until used in offense or defense. When the player controls all bacteria on a level, the player moves to the next one. If the player loses control of all the bacteria, the game is over.

Bacteris has Google Play Games integration, and is free to install with a single IAP to unlock the full game at $1.99.

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