Day: 17 April 2015


Help paint your own comic strips in Brutus & Futée, now available for $2,99

Enjoy reading comics in the Sunday paper, maybe as a kid? I sure did. Well, in Brutus & Futée, the eponymous protagonists are a pair of comic strip characters that entered retirement after their creator mysteriously disappeared. Bored in retirement and longing for the more adventurous days of starring in a strip, they end up experiencing the type of prank that a creator might perform on them, in a strip.


Spacetime Studios brings three former pro League of Legends players on board as consultants for new MOBA Call of Champions

We have been following the development of Spacetime Studios’ upcoming new MOBA title for Android called Call of Champions since it was first announced before GDC 2015. We have even had some hands-on time with it and even in an Alpha stage it was pretty fun. Well it seems that Spacetime Studios really wants this title to scratch that MOBA itch you may have with a solid game and so they have brought on board three former pro League of Legends players as consultants for the development of Call of Champions.


Infection game Bacteris is now out on Google Play

Bacteris, a game about bacteria, is now available for Android devices. Within this game, players will assume the role of a single bacterial organism, and attempt to win the other bacteria over to your side. A level is completed once that is done. Here’s the catch though: the other organisms are attempting to “infect” you, the player, to their side.


[Updated] Put truth on trial with Rewind: One Last Chance, now available on Android

Released by Dreamkind, Rewind: One Last Chance is a game where, to quote the Dev, “truth is on trial”. Players assume the role of Commander Kole Zamon, a commander who’s been captured by the people that he’s terrorized, and is now being tried for crimes against humanity. Unfortunately for Zamon, the scope of the trial extends beyond his actions, and will impact other areas of his life, such as family, loyalty, and his beliefs.