[Updated] Put truth on trial with Rewind: One Last Chance, now available on Android

Released by Dreamkind, Rewind: One Last Chance is a game where, to quote the Dev, “truth is on trial”. Players assume the role of Commander Kole Zamon, a commander who’s been captured by the people that he’s terrorized, and is now being tried for crimes against humanity. Unfortunately for Zamon, the scope of the trial extends beyond his actions, and will impact other areas of his life, such as family, loyalty, and his beliefs.

Update April 17th, 2015 3:50pm PST: Rewind: One Last Chance is also now on Google Play. We’ve added a link to it at the bottom of there article.

The larger backstory that Rewind is set in is one of a divided population. There are two races involved, the Deks and the Abors, work the former ruling over the latter in a post-apocalyptic world, and doing so in pretty harsh fashion: apparently humiliating the Abors, snatching their children, performing genetic tests on them are all accepted practices within Dek circles.

These types of things (and I’d assume more) breed the hatred and mistrust between the two, and the game is designed for players to see both sides, from the perspective of a Dek leader, as well as from an Abor sympathizer; there’s also a young girl who apparently takes no side, throwing in a yet a third angle for players to consider. The actual gameplay is comprised largely of solving various word and number puzzles, as well as exploring rooms, cracking cyphers, following maps, analyzing texts, and more.

Rewind Features:

– Play as Commander Kole Zamon and uncover the mysteries of the Rewind
– Read and analyze texts
– Solve word and number puzzles

The games is already up on the Appstore, for $3.99, and while it’s not currently on Google Play, the developers indicated that it is supposed to be, and their website says coming soon. All in all, I’d wager that it’ll be there at the same price, soon enough. We will post an update when it lands on Google Play.

Amazon Marketplace: Rewind: One Last Chance

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