int13 making a sequel to their AR Defender game for Android

int13 are the developers who are responsible for the bullet hell shooter that recently landed on Android called Shogun. Before that game though they had released an Augmented Reality game for Android called AR Defender. Well it looks like a sequel is coming soon to the market as well.

AR Defender 2, as it will be called, will feature some new gameplay mechanics such as a new main tower along with all the little towers, which you have to defend against your enemies. It will also come with WiFi-enabled multiplayer for up to four people to play, helping defend the main tower from being destroyed.

This game will also see an improvement in graphics thanks to the upgraded 3D rendering engine used to create AR Defender 2. While this is an AR game, apparently you will still need a layout drawn or printed on a piece of paper (or other material) in order for the units to render and towers to be placed. Instructions will be included with the game on how to create these. Keep in mind though this may end up not being necessary considering the preview shots, if they are any indication even though they are mock-ups.

AR Defender 2 is slated for release on Android this Summer. No word yet on pricing.

Website Referenced: Pockett (French)

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