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Intriguing Puzzle Adventure Arrog is Coming to Android on July 22nd, Pre-Register Now

Arrog, a bizarre arthouse puzzle adventure from developers Leap Games Studio and Hermanos Magia, is coming to Android on July 22nd. You can pre-register for it now.

The game, which is based on Latin American folklore, involves helping a man to accept his own death. Like Mario. It features simple, distinctive hand-drawn art, an ethereal aesthetic, and – according to the trailer, below – at least one capybara. 

Puzzles are solved through logic and simple interactions, according to the press release blurb, which means they’re unlikely to be challenging. The real challenge, of course, will lie in coming to terms with your mortality. 

Arrog looks like a intriguing interactive experience. You’ll be able to see it for yourself in July, and if you pre-register now you’ll get 30% off the launch price of $2.99. 

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