Invictus finally unleashes the Race of Champions game onto Android

It’s been pretty busy the past few days with Thanksgiving, Black Friday sales, people spending time with their families or pepper spraying people at store to get that last 42″ TV for only $200. In the midst of all of this wonderful holiday spirit, Invictus has finally released their Race of Champions game onto the Android Market.

Release on Black Friday, the Race of Champions game is the official mobile version of the actual live event that takes place in December over in Europe (this year it’s in Germany I believe). The Race of Champions brings together all the champions of all the major racing circuits such as NASCAR, WRC, Formula 1 and so on, and pit them against each other in different types of races and tracks to see who is the overall champion race car driving in the world. It’s pretty crazy stuff.


Race of Champions Features:

  • Race with Officially Licensed Cars – KTM X-Bow, VW Scirocco, RX-150, Solution F Prototype, ROC Car, VW Polo R WRC, Skoda Fabia S2000 (More cars coming soon too)
  • Real Tracks – Race on precisely recreated tracks from recent ROC events in London, Paris, Düsseldorf, Gran Canaria and Barcelona, featuring tarmac and off-road surfaces.
  • Precision and Accuracy – The game’s development had input from experienced drivers including ROC’s co-founder and world rally legend Michèle Mouton plus Marc Duez, multiple winner of the Spa and Nürburgring 24-Hour races and a former European Rally Champion.
  • Great Visuals – ROC provides the most technologically advanced racing game on mobile platforms with highly-detailed cars, tracks, garages and racing drivers.
  • Three Game Modes:
    • Championship Mode: Race through 4 different scenarios and 4 Championships at the ROC tracks in London, Paris, Düsseldorf and Gran Canaria.
    • Duel Mode: Challenge opponents ahead of you to jump up the online rankings.
    • Time Challenge Mode: Race against the clock using a ghost car to beat your previous best lap time.


A lot of people have been waiting for this game to be releases since we started reporting on it almost two months ago, if not longer. The great news is that you can now download this really great racing game off the Android Market for Free (ad-supported). The developers have even more official cars, tracks and game modes planned for future updates as well which should be fun. We would have reported it when it came out on Friday but there has to be a moment where you recover for access food eating and being trampled at malls.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Developer Website: Invictus

Android Market Link: Race of Champions

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