It looks like the original Rayman game is getting ported over to mobile devices

So far when it comes to the Rayman franchise mobile devices have had a few runners to enjoy. However, when it comes to an actual Rayman game, like we have been used to on other platforms, there hasn’t been anything available for mobile gamers to play. That is going to be changing next week apparently.

The official Rayman Twitter account posted a very interesting tweet that talks about a retro Rayman game making the journey to mobile devices next week. This is pretty awesome news as the original Rayman was a great platformer. The problem, however, is that this game was pretty hardcore and was a tough one to beat using hardware controls. Using touch screen controls will be twice the challenge. This is, of course, if there isn’t controller support. There’s ways around that problem as well.

Unfortunately we don’t know which version of the original Rayman this mobile one will be based on. Regardless, it will be great to actually have a real Rayman game to play. It will be launching onto mobile devices next week, which more than likely means February 18th, 2016 as most major releases happen on Thursdays. Also because it says so in the image in the tweet. We will post an update once it becomes available.

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