Jet Car Stunts 2 on the way, complete with new ‘Freestyle’ trick mode

True Axis has released some new information regarding the sequel to their crazy 3D racing/stunt game called Jet Car Stunts. In the sequel, Jet Car Stunts 2, we are treated to some seriously great sounding new feature which include a level editor and the new ‘Freestyle’ trick mode.

The level editor feature is pretty self explanatory as to what you’ll be able to do with it. The only thing not mentioned is if there will be a sharing option for you to share tracks you’ve made with other players. Something like you would find in Apparatus is a good example of that.

The Freestyle Trick Mode is a great new gameplay mode that is essentially like skateboarding but with your car instead of an actual skateboard. You’ll be able to get big air, do drifts, rolls, flips, spins and even grinds with your car as you try to rack up the most points that you can. To round it all off though, there will also be 6 new cars for you to choose from.

Unfortunately there are no screenshots available for Jet Car Stunts 2 just yet but True Axis gas said it is ramping up development for the game. We should start seeing some media for it soon. No word on release date or pricing either.

Developer Website: True Axis

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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