Jujubee Games announces Spellcrafter: The Path of Magic, an upcoming turn-based tactical RPG

Jujubee Games, developer of the Flashout series of futuristic racing games and the Suspect franchise, has announced a new game that will be heading our way soon called Spellcrafter: The Path of Magic and has nothing to do with racing, something that up until now has been Jujubee’s main theme for their games. Instead Spellcrafter is a tactical turn-based RPG title.

Spellcraft takes players on a journey which is divided into three separate acts. Each act tells part of a story about the nature of reality, power and morality. When starting up the game, players will have three races to choose from – Humans, Elf, and Necromancer. From the sounds of things, depending on the race you choose to play as, the acts you will play through will be different and match more to that particular race’s story.

Combat will be the tactical style of turn-based combat. So you will be moving party in the space provides before deciding which attack to use. Since this game is themed around magic, the majority of attacks you can unleash come in the form of spells. However, Jujubee is doing something a little different when it comes to casting a spell. Instead of selecting a spell out of a list or from a tool bar with spell icons, players will use gestures swiped on the screen to cast the spell they want to use. While this isn’t the first time this mechanic has been done, we still don’t see it often.

When you make the gesture of a spell you want, the game will automatically choose the corresponding spell from a player’s spellbook. If you don’t remember the spell’s gesture you want to cast, you can take a look at your spellbook to refresh your memory. However this will take additional time and the faster you cast a spell, the more powerful it will be. So wasting time isn’t a good thing for you to do often.

Spellcrafter: The Path of Magic will be coming to Android in Q1 2015 and will be a full premium game which means no IAPs and no freemium type of features. As for what the price tag will be, that hasn’t been announced as of yet.

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