Day: 9 January 2015


Jujubee Games announces Spellcrafter: The Path of Magic, an upcoming turn-based tactical RPG

Jujubee Games, developer of the Flashout series of futuristic racing games and the Suspect franchise, has announced a new game that will be heading our way soon called Spellcrafter: The Path of Magic and has nothing to do with racing, something that up until now has been Jujubee’s main theme for their games. Instead Spellcrafter is a tactical turn-based RPG title.


[Update: Released] The sequel to Heavy Metal Thunder is called Sol Invictus and it will be arriving next week

As far as gamebooks are concerned the genre has been around for a very long time, much longer than it has been on mobile, and it has a pretty big fan base. While most of them adhere to the standard format of gamebooks, that being you read through the book and flips to the corresponding page that is based on your decision when presented with a choice of what to do, these gamebooks are a bit different in terms of how their style is.


Microsoft announces a new policy for YouTube Let’s Play videos and Twitch game streaming

Microsoft has announced, and put into place, a formal new policy regarding the creation of YouTube Let’s Play videos as well as content streamed on services like TwitchTV. Up until now the company didn’t really have a formal policy geared towards this type of content creation. Since streaming on TwitchTV has become a lot easier with Android games and making YouTube videos of Android games has been happening for a long time, this certainly is something to learn about if you plan on streaming or including anything from Microsoft in your upcoming videos and want to monetize them.


[CES2015] Gates of Osiris by Fenix Fire spied at Qualcomm’s booth

One thing CES is usually good for is getting a sneak peek or two and unreleased games that will soon be coming to Android. At Qualcomm’s booth they had plenty of games being shown on their development tablets to showcase their new Snapdragon 810 and Adreno 430 chipset team. However all of them were games already released except for one that happened to show its demo reel right before we left. The game we are talking about is Gates of Osiris by Fenix Fire.