[Update: Released] The sequel to Heavy Metal Thunder is called Sol Invictus and it will be arriving next week

As far as gamebooks are concerned the genre has been around for a very long time, much longer than it has been on mobile, and it has a pretty big fan base. While most of them adhere to the standard format of gamebooks, that being you read through the book and flips to the corresponding page that is based on your decision when presented with a choice of what to do, these gamebooks are a bit different in terms of how their style is.

Update: January 9th, 2015 11:52am PST: Sol Invictus is now available on Google Play. You can grab a copy of this game for $0.99 through the link at the bottom.

Cubus Games released a gamebook called Heavy Metal Thunder which did quite good on Google Play, especially because it is a bit different than your typical gamebook. Now the developers have a sequel that has been in the works for some time now and is finally getting ready to be released onto Android shortly. The story is done by science fiction writer Kyle B. Stiff and this time it brings the player into outer space to fight the first battles that humanity will be facing in order to save itself.

Sol Invictus Features:

– A powerful, yet accessible sci-fi plot, packed with diverse characters
– Multiple save slots: Play in up to three stories at once
– Rich, branching narrative
– Brand new artwork from renowned illustrator Marc Gonzalez
– Full soundtrack with sound effects and a vibrant atmosphere
– Choose the skills to customize your character.
– Managing the inventory and weapons wisely is an exciting challenge as well.
– Use the social sharing features.
– Play in up to three stories at once.
– The accompanying soundscapes that bring a great reading experience.
– An easy and quick dice-combat system.

In Sol Invictus, Cromulus finds out that not all humans are willing to take the kinds of risks that he takes. And while he has less than zero tolerance for pacifism, what the Legion does with its softer recruits may be too much even for him... – Kyle B. Stiff

If you enjoyed the first part in this series and have been waiting for the second episode, then you will be happy to know that the wait is almost over. Sol Invictus will be released onto Android on January 8th, 2015. No word on pricing as of yet but if it follows the same pricing as the first book, this one will cost around a dollar. We will post an update once Sol Invictus goes live on Google Play. You can grab the first game through the link below.

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