Jujubee releases a making-of video for their upcoming game Flashout 2

Jujubee has released a new video detailing the making of their upcoming sequel called Flashout 2. Originally announced as coming to Android back in August of last year, Flashout 2 is the sequel to the company’s popular 3D racing game and this video goes into details about how this sequel was made.

There hasn’t been a lot of information released about this sequel since it was announced aside from the fact it will feature even faster gameplay and more improved visuals to enjoy. The controls for the game are also getting overhauled with massive improvements done to the steering and physics in the game. Flashout 2 will also come with a redesigned and enhanced Career Mode with an animated story and 100% free multiplayer mode so you can race against other people.

As for when Flashout 2 will be arriving onto Android, right now the iOS version is slated for release in Q1 2014 with the Android version following shortly afterwards. Until then, enjoy the video.

Developer Website: Jujubee

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