Jumping Electron 3D arcade platformer rolls onto Android

Jumping Electron, developed by Finmouse, has rolled onto the Google Play store and presents you with the unique challenge of navigating through radios and jukeboxes with your little electron. The game comes with the classic tech feel to it with diodes, transistors and other obstacles in the way.

You will need to have a delicate touch in order to navigate your electron safely through each stage, avoiding obstacles like diodes, wires, lamps and other items that you would find inside a radio or jukebox. You’ll be able to either roll around them or jump over them while you attempt to get the highest score possible in each stage.

Jumping Electron Features:

• 40 levels
• 2 chapters: Radio and Jukebox (Phone Switchboard and TV coming soon)
• Tilt and touchscreen tap controls
• 3 game modes: Easy, Medium, Hard
• $ are overrated, gather Volts instead
• Feeling geeky? Choose from 9 amazingly geeky Jumping Electrons to play with
• When in trouble, get the Level Booster
• Energy Low? Buy some Extra Energy
• Ads drive you crazy? Unlock No Ads!
• Enter Tunnels, climb Ramps, gather Bonuses, Speed Boosters to reach High Scores
• Separate music and effects settings
• Challenge your friends on Facebook and Twitter.
• OpenFeint integration
• We’re rolling out update news on Facebook and Twitter. Find us!

Of course what decent platform game like this would be without boosters. There are plenty to help you along your way including a Speed Boost, Gather Electrons, and Proton in order to keep your energy level up and make it through the stage.

Jumping Electron is actually available in two flavors: a normal free version for most Android devices and an HD version for high-end and Tegra-based devices. Both are available for free off of the Google Play store and are ad supported although you can get rid of the ads for a small in-game purchase. A full game review will be arriving soon.

Developer Website: Finmouse

Google Play Link: Jumping Electron HD

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