Ka-Glom – An interesting new match-3 game with a twist

There are a ton of match-3 or more type games on the Android Market. Regardless if they feature falling blocks like Tetris or they are more of a bubble popping clone, most feature the same style of gameplay with little else to offer. Ka-Glom, however, throws a bit of a twist into the whole idea with 2 types of blocks but only one type can explode.

You have your crystal blocks and then you have your blob looking shapes. They can be mixed and matched but to get rid of any of them you have to match 4 or more of the blob ones of the same color, connected either up, down, left or right. When you have four or more connected they explode taking all matching color blocks, blob or crystal, with them.


  • New twist on an enjoyable game
  • Nice graphics
  • Touch screen and trackball controls
  • 2 game modes: Classic and Time Attack
  • Power-ups and other special blocks
  • Tetris-style continuous gameplay


Blocks drop in pairs which can be rotated as you see fit by tapping the screen. Pairs can have one or both of the block types in them. As you get higher up into the levels you’ll start to see special blocks appear such as the drill block that will drill all the blocks in a single line (top-down) or the bomb which will destroy all blocks of one color.

Overall this is a nice mesh of Tetris and match-3 gaming but Ka-Glom keeps it fresh by spinning in the idea of two block types, one of which is used to remove the other. Definitely a nice little time killer which you can pick up off the Android Market right now for free.

Developer Website: Magmic

Direct Market Link: Ka-Glom

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