Day: 19 November 2010


Ka-Glom – An interesting new match-3 game with a twist

There are a ton of match-3 or more type games on the Android Market. Regardless if they feature falling blocks like Tetris or they are more of a bubble popping clone, most feature the same style of gameplay with little else to offer. Ka-Glom, however, throws a bit of a twist into the whole idea with 2 types of blocks but only one type can explode.

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Pocket Legends Preview

Pocket Legends is a game we’ve been following for a while here on DroidGamers and we’ll tell you why – It’s a deep 3D MMORPG with lots of levels and it’s for our favorite platform, Android. What more is there to say really? Other than it being free to download straight from the market and play of course! Full review coming in the next couple weeks.