Appitalism – Applications and games discovery platform where you can earn free stuff

Stuff…who doesn’t like stuff, especially when it is free! It is even better when it can be an application or game for your Android device. Appitalism is a new site where users can discover great games and applications across multiple platforms such as Android, iPhone, Symbian as well as social network games from Facebook, MySpace and more.

The selection of games and applications are curated by you, the user, so only top quality games and applications survive on the site. Taking into account ratings and reviews left by users, games and applications that are good get more exposure while ones of poor quality receive less, if any at all.

The interesting part about all of this is that Appitalism encourages users to participate by leaving ratings and reviews. When a user leaves a review or a rating, they can earn point which can be used to get discounted pricing on premium applications and games. Some premium games and applications can be had for free if you earn enough points!

You can check out Appitalism’s website for further details and sign-up is free and that is all you need to do to get started with earning discounts and free stuff while helping good developers get more exposure!

Developer Website: Appitalism

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