Kairo finally released onto Google Play after its long Humble Bundle Store exclusivity

The Humble Bundle store has featured a game called Kairo by Locked Door Puzzle which up until now had only been available for Android users who purchased it through the Humble Bundle store. The game has finally been released onto Google Play after all this time and if you are a fan of a adventure games filled with puzzle and exploration, you’ll probably want to pick this game up.

Kairo was created by Richard Perrin who is also responsible for creating the PC game White Chamber back in 2005. This game is a very atmospheric game where users will be exploring the world of Kairo, bringing ancient machinery back to working order in an attempt to find out exactly what happened there and what the true purpose is of Kairo and all the machinery that happens to be there.

This particular game certainly falls into the realm of games like Myst. If you enjoy these types of games then you’ll probably want to pick this one up. Kairo is available on Google Play for $4.91.

Google Play Link: Kairo

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