Kairosoft’s Soccer Club Story now available for Android… in Japan.

Kairosoft has just released another member of the ‘Story’ series of games called Soccer Club Story. In this simulation game you will be managing a soccer club, it’s players and hopefully take it on to be a champion team. Only one problem right now, it’s only released in Japan for right now.

This will make all of our Japanese readers who live in Japan quite happy. The rest of us will have to sit here, envious of your access to Kairsoft games before anyone else. Could this be the next game we see on the Android Market worldwide for Android gamers? Possibly but chances are that another game, Department Store Story, will be out before this one. Granted, if Soccer Club Story comes out before Department Store Story we certainly won’t complain about that. Hell, either way we will be happy with another Kairosoft game sucking away our free time.


In Soccer Club Story not only will you be recruit players, training players and hopefully winning soccer matches, you will also be trying to build the prestige of your soccer club by building huge fan base. Here is the un-edited quick description for Soccer Club Story:

  • Training through the acquisition of players make the prestigious football clubs in the world.
  • It’s also important to win fans.
  • Soccer team management game.
  • Training through the acquisition of players make a prestigious club in the world.
  • Around the home ground is “Toy Shop”, “spa”, “the latest Jim” was built facilities, such as player development and help to attract fans.


No word yet on when this will land on the Android Market for everyone else to play. Until then, enjoy the screenshots from the Japanese version.

Thanks to Roger Lyons and KairosoftFans for the tips!

Developer Website: Kairosoft

Android Market Link: Soccer Club Story (Japan Only)

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