KartRider Rush+ ‘Northeu’ Season 5 Update Launches the Popular Kart Racer into Space

Season Five of popular Mario Kart Tour-beater KartRider Rush+ has just begun. It’s called Northeu, and it’s set in space. Take that, Rainbow Road.

In addition to new space station-esque tracks called Jump Point and Combat Airfield, complete with hovering satellites, planet backdrops, and floating space debris, the Northeua update comes with a roster of new karts.

The Pengsoo Kart goes, of course, with the Pengsoo character. It comes with an unlockable decal and driftmoji, which you can obtain by competing in events. You can also get your hands on the coveted Dark Knight kart.

There’s also a new Energy Arena, where you can challence racers around the world as long as they’re roughly at the same tier as you. Your prize? Leaderboard glory, of course, as well as Raw Stones. You can exchange these for alien driftmoji, a Beat Bot pet, and more.

New characters, meanwhile, include Taki and Galaxy Rider Uni. To check them out, download Kartrider Rush+ for free right now on the Google Play Store.

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