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Slick Mario Kart Tour Rival KartRider Rush+ Attracted 10 Million Downloads in Two Weeks

KartRider Rush+, Nexon Mobile’s ultra-slick answer to Mario Kart Tour on mobile, has attracted 10 million downloads in its first two weeks on Google Play.

Part of the popular KartRider franchise, KartRider Rush+ has been reviewed positively since it went live a fortnight ago, with more than 80,000 Android users giving it an average rating of just under four stars. Professional game critics have been even kinder.

The game sees you racing around tracks in a selection of go karts against up to seven human or AI opponents. There’s a huge number of modes, including a story campaign involving a treacherous pirate.

There are over 45 tracks, too, set in locales as exotic as the icy Shark’s Tomb and, er, London.

KartRider Rush+ is available for free right now on Google Play.

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