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Kenny Sun Puzzler Peak’s Edge is Available on the Google Play Store

Peak’s Edge, the achingly stylish puzzler from Kenny Sun, is out now on Android. Full disclosure: it’s been out for several days, but we missed it the first time around.

Pitched as a pyramidal puzzle roguelike, Peak’s Edge sees you rolling a colorful tetrahedrons around on a triangle grid in a bid to see off all the other tetrahedrons and graduate to the next floor of the abstract tower you seem to be working your way through.

Kenny Sun describes the gameplay as “pretty fun” in his Google Play description, but we’re sure he’s just being modest. Sun has a string of superb abstract puzzlers to his name, including the hugely acclaimed Twinfold, Yankai’s Triangle, and Yankai’s Peak. 

In any case, it won’t cost you anything to find out. You can download Peak’s Edge for free right now on Google Play.

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