Kiloo Games lands on Android with a new game called Frisbee Forever

Kiloo Games has released an interesting new title onto the Android Market called Frisbee Forever. Essentially a obstacle course type of game, instead of your typical vehicles and what not, you will be controlling a Frisbee through various tracks all rendered in 3D.

If you’re a fan of Frisbee Golf, the actual sport, or just Frisbees in general, then you’ll probably enjoy this title a lot. There are over 100 different courses, all rendered in HD 3D graphics for you to navigate your way through. You can choose to use classic Wham-O Frisbees or brand new discs with all new design that are only going to be available in this game. This means they scored an exclusive with them for these designs which is actually pretty cool.


Each course has a different theme ranging from a California Theme Park to the Wild West where you’ll be scaling mountains to collect those stars to get a higher score. There are also Pirate filled Caribbean oceans and Winter wonderland type of track and plenty of other themes. If you are looking for just a fun casual game to play with some nice 3D visual, this is one you should check out. It’s available on the Android Market for free.

Thanks to CrAsHeRiT for the heads up!

Developer Website: Kiloo Games

Android Market Link: Frisbee Forever

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