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King is Reportedly Working on a Crash Bandicoot Endless Runner

King is reportedly working on a Crash Bandicoot endless runner with base building. It will be called Crash Bandicoot Mobile.

The news was uncovered by hawk-eyed Twitter users @Motwera and @jumpbuttoncb, who found the game on Facebook.

Crash Bandicoot Mobile Features Base Building Mechanics

In further proof that it exists, you can fill out a survey right now to help improve development. The link to that is right here.

All we know about the game is what we’ve seen on the few screenshots posted on Twitter. It’s a nice looking game, features the trademark running, jumping, and sliding (no word on the spin), and… base building mechanics.

Ah well – they can’t all be winners! We’ll let you know as soon as we learn more about Crash Bandicoot Mobile.

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