Kingdom Hearts in Development for Mobile Devices

A recent interview with Kingdom Hearts creator Tetsuya Nomura in Famitsu (a Japanese gaming magazine) revealed some interesting mobile news. The Kingdom Hearts series will be coming in some form or fashion to mobile devices.

Nomura’s wording was rather odd, but that is most likely due to it being a translation. When referring to Kingdom Hearts III announcements at the D23 Expo in Japan  he stated they will include something related to a mobile app/game saying “One of those announcements will be about a smartphone development for the series, which I believe we’ll announce in the near future.”

While there may be no other news beyond that something is going to be announced soon, this would still be a pretty big deal for current mobile gaming. The D23 Expo Japan 2015 is taking place November 6-8 on Tokyo Disney Resort property. A Kingdom Hearts Event is happening November 3 before the main convention. This is not to be confused with this August’s D23 Expo in Anaheim, California, which will most likely not have any Kingdom Hearts info.

Website Referenced: Siliconera

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