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Kingdom Hearts Dark Road finale release date confirmed

The next major story moment in the decades-long Kingdom Hearts series is almost here. An essential piece of information prior to Kingdom Hearts 4, the Kingdom Hearts Dark Road finale is almost within our grasp. 

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Final Release Date 

The final chapter for KINGDOM HEARTS Union X, aka Dark Road, was originally scheduled to release last year. However, a long delay left the new chapter without a solid release date. That’s now changed. 

Keeping with the already announced August date, the Kingdom Hearts Dark Road finale will release soon. Currently, it’s scheduled for August 26th, 2022. Well, if everything goes well, that is. 

Confirmed in a recent 20th anniversary Kingdom Hearts video, the new update is part of a major milestone. The game’s massive finale will be included in the colossal 5.0.0 update. 

Details are still vague on what exactly is coming in the Dark Road finale. However, you should expect to say goodbye to the game as this marks the end of its major content. 

A New Beginning 

The Dark Road finale is the end of content for the game. However, this new finale will mark the beginning of the transition into the next Kingdom Hearts game: Missing-Link. 

Unfortunately, Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link isn’t quite out yet. If you want to experience the next chapter in Kingdom Hearts’ narrative, you’ll have to wait until this Winter. 

Missing-Link is a much different game than Dark Road, though. Instead of cutesy 2D art, you’ll experience full 3D battles. In many ways, it’s the KH mobile game we’ve always wanted!

After this mobile game finishes, the wait for Kingdom Hearts 4 continues. Unfortunately, that is set to be exclusive to console gamers. However, we Droid Gamers will likely be able to play portably through streaming services like Xbox Game Pass.

If you’re interested in checking out the game, download it here. (It’s free-to-play.)   

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