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Knights of Tartarus is a Dragon Quest-like JRPG by Crescent Moon Games out now in beta

Knights of Tartarus Android

Crescent Moon has launched a surprise new JRPG in beta on Android, and it looks an awful lot like Dragon Quest.

You’ll head into the underworld to battle a legendary order of knights. We’re not sure what they’re up to, but it’s going to destroy the world.

Knights of Tartarus is reminiscent of classic JRPGs

Along the way, you’ll meet a variety of magical monsters that you can defeat to learn new spells, gather gold, and collect crafting resources.

As this is a JRPG, you can also level up and learn new skills, upgrade previous ones, and unlock a variety of new perks.

You can check this new JRPG out right now on Google Play, but bear in mind that this is a beta. Certain features may not be available or function as intended.

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