Komodo Crunchtime: Ultimate Superstars sprinting onto Android January 25th

A new continuous running platformer is heading our way on January 25th, 2013 called Komodo Crunchtime: Ultimate Superstars. Developed by Rie Studios, this new platformer was built using the Unity3D engine so the visuals are actually pretty solid for this game. The visuals are bit more of a cartoon style like something you would find on the Wii.

In this game you’ll be running through each level as one of the five characters, collecting gems, blasting weird looking monsters and trying to get as many points as you can. You will start off with one character already unlocked for you to play with additional character getting unlocked as you play through the game.

There is a version of this game which you can play through your browser to try out. The pace of running seems a bit slow to us but that could simply be the web version and the mobile version could be a lot faster for all we know. There also looks to be an online multiplayer mode coming with the game but unfortunately we can’t try it out until the game’s actual release.

When the game is released on January 25th, 2013 it will be available as a free download off of Google Play. No word right now on whether there will be IAPs or not.

Developer Website: Rie Studios

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