Layton: Unwound Future Has Landed on the Google Play Store at a Limited-Time Discount

Layton: Unwound Future in HD is out now on Android, complete with a streamlined, Play Store-optimised, just like the other two games in the trilogy: Layton: Curious Village and Layton: Diabolical Box. 

Originally released in 2008, Professor Layton and the Unwound Future is a much-loved puzzle-adventure game in which Layton travels ten years into the future after receiving a letter from future Luke.

The reason for Luke’s time-travelling appeal is that everything has gone wrong. The world has turned into a steampunk nightmare, while Layton himself has become a crime lord. 

Resolving this tricky problem involves travelling from location to location solving puzzles and logic problems, while marvelling at the quaint cartoon visuals and charming, mannered dialogue. 

We speculated last week that Layton: Unwound Future would cost $9.99 when it arrived. We were wrong – it actually costs $13.99, and is set to rise once the introductory offer ends and it goes to its standard price of $15.99.

There’s a special bundle, too, with all three games in the series coming in at $23.99, before jumping on July the 27th to $29.99.

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