League of Legends Descendent Teamfight Tactics is Out Now on Android

Riot Games’s Teamfight Tactics, an auto-battler set in the League of Legends universe, is out now on Google Play. 

The game sees you pitching League of Legends champions against each other in PvP battles, as well as drafting new champions into your roster and upgrading them. Random drafts happen during matches, ensuring that games are always different.

Cross-Playform Play Despite Divergence

Teamfight Tactics is already out on PC, where it has attracted 80 million players. The mobile port is different from the PC original, with a more streamlined, mobile-friendly interface, as you’d expect. 

In-game chat has been lost in the move, too, though Riot is likely to address this omission soon. 

Despite their differences, the mobile versions are cross compatible with the PC version. You can download Teamfight Tactics on Google Play for free right now.

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