Leashed Soul is a great looking adventure puzzle game heading to Android next month

Level One Games has announced that they will be releasing their newest game called Leashed Soul onto Android next month. Inspired by games like Minecraft, Portal, Mekorama, and others, but features a unique character, story and gameplay for players to participate in. It’s a narrative puzzle game, so you’ll be following the narrator along with the storyline as it unfolds, while actually participating in it.

You will be following the tale of a boy named Beydo. This boy, however, is a wooden doll who was brought to life by Mother Nature, not too dissimilar to that of Pinocchio. Once brought to life, Beydo begins his journey to save the life of as many trees (and other nature-based items) as he possibly can, which is done by freeing the trapped seeds in each stage. This is done by working through each stage and figuring out ways around each stage’s hazards in order to get to the wooden cage holding the seeds he needs to rescue.

Leashed Soul Features:

– Emotional background story, with a Save The Trees mission
– Narrative designed storyboard, high quality painted graphics
– Advanced puzzle structure that challenges your mind
– Deep and addictive gameplay with collectable items
– Hand-crafted 50 levels
– Beautiful art style, realistic physics, trees and elements of the levels
– Smooth animations and FXs

You will be using swipe gestures to move Beydo around each stage, and you’ll have to interact with various elements such as buttons, keys, valves, and so on in order to unlock and rescue the seeds. Each stage features plenty of hazards as well including changing seasons that affect tiles in each stage, flying blocks, and more. Even though these are hazards, you’ll also need to use some of them to complete each stage.

For those of you interested in this game, Leashed Soul will be released onto mobile devices on December 1st, 2016. It will be available on Google Play and Amazon’s Appstore when it does arrive, and will be priced at $2.99, with no IAPs or anything like that being present. You can check out Leashed Soul’s gameplay trailer below in the meantime.

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