Be The Bad Guy In Legend Of Keepers

Feature image for our Legend Of Keepers release news piece. It shows a map rendered in a pixel art style, alongside art of a character named as 'Engineer' with dreadlocks, a painted face, and a metal eye.

Ever wanted to play Darkest Dungeon as the dungeon? Well, now’s your chance. The Legend Of Keepers Android release is here, and it’s good to be bad.

Legend Of Keepers is not your average dungeon crawler. If anything, dungeon crawling is exactly what you’re trying to prevent.

Climb Down Into The Dungeon And Up The Corporate Ladder

You take on the role of a Dungeon Manager, charged with the job of keeping your dungeons unlooted by all those pesky adventurers roaming the lands, it’s worse than having mice!

To try and deal with the encroaching infestation of heroes, you’ll need to put your management skills to the test.

You can hire monsters to defend your dungeon and squash intruders, though don’t think you’re the kind of villain who can mistreat their minions.

Monsters have needs and morale, they might go off sick, and if they feel they’re badly treated they might even go on strike. Who thought minotaurs were so highly unionized?

Alongside the monsters, there are traps capable of making adventurers’ lives a misery. You’d better find some way to stop them, your superiors in upper management expect results.

This is all rendered in a mix of retro-style pixel art graphics, and painterly art, both of which bring a ton of detail to life.

Made For Mobile

The game is a mobile port that promises to be more than a cut-and-paste job. The UI gets a complete revamp for touchscreens, and if you’re not keen on those on principle, Legend Of Keepers is fully compatible with MFi controllers.

While the game got a full adaptation for mobile, there’s one mainstay of many mobile games it’s missing. There are no microtransactions. You’ll get all the content on purchase. Though Playdigious did state their intention to release some big DLC in the near future.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, or blood, or whatever a dungeon manager likes drinking, you can check the Legend Of Keepers release out now on Google Play.

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