Legends of Andor is an epic fantasy board game out now

Legends of Andor Android

Legends of Andor is an incredibly high quality digital board game that just launched on Android.

It takes place in an epic fantasy kingdom full of your favourite high fantasy staples.

You play as a warrior, sorceress, dwarf, or archer, and guide a group of heroes through twelve different stories.

Legends of Andor is out now on Android

Here’s the kicker though: you only have a set number of moves you can perform to complete each quest.

So it’s all about strategic thinking, as you strive to complete each quest with the limited resources at your disposal.

There are a bunch of different methods of completing each one though, so there’s a ton of replayability.

So head on over to Google Play right now and grab Legends of Andor. Seems like a good one.

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