Leonard Frog Beta

Leonard Frog, by developer Masrlinu, is a frogger style game that’s been out since the beginning of January and has since then gotten a couple of big updates. This game is an Android port of the very popular iPhone version and points some new twists into the Frogger genre with things like power-ups.

This game also changes the direction of the game play in a few ways. There is no crossing streets and dodging traffic but instead leaping from lily pad and logs up stream so as to not go down the waterfall. Also lily pads sink so you have to be quick at your jumping and plan your jumps right between the logs and lily pads. You can jump any distance you want so something doesn’t have to be right beside you for you to be able to jump on it.

You can get ‘power-ups’ or helping type specials such as having a solid log across the river to save you should you need to wait a bit longer before jumping onto something. Power-ups are random and use a spinner in the top left of your screen to randomly select which one you get. The spinner appears after you survive for a certain amount of time, spelling the word wheel at the top. You die when you either sink into the water by staying on a lily pad for too long, missing your landing onto a lily pad or log and falling into the water or going over the waterfall. Also you could be on a slow moving log or lily pad (all of them move at different speeds in the river) and get bumped by a fast moving one and suddenly have your safe spot moving a lot faster then you had planned.

Overall it’s a pretty solid game, especially for a beta and the graphics are pretty good and the game play is pretty smooth on my stuffed G1 so it should be fine on most phones. Definitely a fun game if you like arcade style games like the old school Frogger. This game also comes with Global High Scores so feel free to submit your score and try to be everyone else.

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