LG Press Conference round-up from CES 2011


LG held their press conference this morning at 8am. You may have caught some of our Tweets while we were there live. LG announced a new phone, the Optimus Black, which is the earlier leaked LG ‘B’ phone featuring an ultra bright screen and an incredibly thin design.


LG also talked about the upcoming LG Optimus 2X which is their dual-core Android phone sporting a Tegra 2 chip inside. While there we took some photos of the phones displayed which, interestingly enough, didn’t sport either of their names. These phones were the Optimus M and the Vortex, both running Android 2.2. Other then that the press conference was geared around their Smart TV technology as well as there Home Appliances which also fall under the ‘Smart’ label.


The Optimus Black is LG’s new addition to their Android line-up of devices. As mentioned earlier, this was the leaked LG ‘B’ phone. The screen is 4.0″ in size and is an IPS LCD screen and it is really bright and from what we saw, the phone is very thin, almost fragile looking.

We will be getting some hands-on time will all the LG devices tomorrow including the tablet which, not surprisingly, they are having a special announcement tomorrow for instead of at today’s press conference.


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