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LifeAfter is an open world zombie survival sim out now on Android

LifeAfter Android

LifeAfter is a gorgeous new open world zombie survival simulator that just launched in English on Android.

You play as one of humanity’s few survivors following a zombie outbreak. Day time is largely fine, allowing you to scavenge for ammo, resources, and a safe place to live.

Night time is another matter though. This is when the undead spark to life and try and swarm you and any other survivors to wipe you all out.

LifeAfter features a massive open world to explore

There’s a huge post-apocalyptic map to explore, including cities, mines, colleges, forests, and more environments. You’ll have to scavenge the lot of it if you want to survive.

Along the way you might meet other survivors. These can either be friendly, and join you, or attack you to steal your resources. So be careful who you trust.

Your ultimate goal is to build a camp for survivors, working together bring humanity back from the brink of extinction.

Sound good? Head on over to Google Play right now then and grab this awesome zombie survival simulator. It’s definitely worth checking out.

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