Like Bowling games? Like Wizards? Now you can have both! Wait… what?

We see a lot of mesh-ups when it comes to mobile gaming as the lines between gaming genres can be more easily blended together. We have a new one where it is a blend of bowling and physics based gameplay with a little action / puzzle solving thrown in there just for good measure. This new game is called Bowling Wizards and yes, it has wizards.

As the story goes, the Wizard World is in trouble due to an evil wizard causing havoc all over the place by taking over said Wizard World and capturing the Bright Lord who is the leader of the Bowlons. Your job in each stage is to figure out how to knock down all the Pines in each stage which happen to be under the control of the Evil Wizard.

There are five Islands (Airea, Lava, Ruins, Frosty and Magica) you have to clear the Pines out of, each island having several levels to them. Each stage not only features some pretty crazy bowling track layouts but also many hidden obstacles and magic in use which will make all sorts of mysterious things happen to your ball as you bowl it to knock down the Pines. Once the Pines are clear you move onto the next stage.

This game may sound simple but with all the hidden surprises in each level it can actually be pretty challenging. The game is available for download for free which gives you access to the first Island which contains six levels. After that you can buy additional Island through in-game purchases.

Developer Website: Nextwave Multimedia

Android Market Link: Bowling Wizard

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