Project Moon Delays Limbus Company Chapter Four As Development “Will Take Longer”

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In a statement on Twitter, Project Moon has announced a delay for Limbus Company’s hotly-anicipated chapter four. It will now launch in June, rather than early May. This blow is softened by the inclusion of a new road map, laying out plans for the remainder of the year.

The statement gives us some insight into the reasoning behind the delay. It claims that Project Moon simply underestimated the amount of development time the update would require.

A passage from the statement reads, “[…] we have noticed while testing and making adjustments to upcoming content, alongside developing the story and combat, that this process will take longer
to complete than we initially anticipated.”

Extended Dialogue Recordings

The biggest contributor to the delay is the dialogue recording. There are a whopping 80,000 syllable blocks in Korean that the team hasn’t recorded yet.

Even if the recordings were completed in time, there’s still a need for quality control. The team checks the recordings to ensure they’re up to standard.

A New Event

To accomodate for the delay, Project Moon is introducing a new event titled “Dante’s Notes”, which takes place between May 11 and June 1. Each day you can read notes that reveal more about the story from different perspectives.

Limbus Company

Limbus Company is Project Moon’s sequel to The Lobotomy Corporation, and focuses on a group of twelve Sinners as they attempt to infiltrate the Lobotomy Corporation in a dystopian, gritty world.

Check out Limbus Company on Google Play now.

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