Project Moon Adds Endgame Content, Refraction Railway, To Limbus Company

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Project Moon has announced that it will release Limbus Company’s latest event, Refraction Railway, on April 6. The studio took to Twitter to tease the upcoming endgame content, revealing it will run until April 20.

You need to complete the main story before you can access Refraction Railway – stages 3-22 in particular. There’s a plethora of awards up for grabs for completing the event, including an exciting special decorative banner.

What’s It All About?

The event centres around 13 new combat stages that are only open for a limited time. You complete these stages with a number of Identities that you choose, as well as supplied E.G.O.. To make things more difficult, you can only apply upgrades after a new run, setting the event apart from the rest of the game.

The studio is pushing Refraction Railway as endgame content, as the expedition is quite brutal, due to its particular set of rules. For example, if a Sinner dies mid way through, they’re unavailable until the end of the run. Health and Sanity doesn’t reset after you complete a stage, either, which significantly increases the difficulty. To top it off, you’re also not allowed to change your team once you’ve started the run.

Thankfully, there’s a few rules that are in your favour. Some of these include being able to sit certain Sinners out of stages in order to bring them back in later, fully healed. If you fail, the game puts you back to the beginning of that specific stage, which is quite generous.

Each stage has a specific set of requirements, and by fulfilling these, you unlock a special decorative banner. You also get rewards for completing each stage, and since there’s 13 of them, this could be great farming material.

Limbus Company

Limbus Company is Project Moon’s sequel to The Lobotomy Corporation. It focuses on a group of twelve Sinners as they attempt to infiltrate the Lobotomy Corporation in a dystopian, gritty world.

Check out Limbus Company on Google Play now.

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