Linden Labs launches a free version of Creatorverse onto Android

Linden Labs, the folks behind the rather popular MMO game Second Life, recently launched Creatorverse onto Google Play. Creatorverse is a game where players can create whatever it is that they want with the tools provided and then, if you want to, you can actually add motion to them so they actually do something instead of looking pretty.

Creations players make are bounce, roll, tilt and accelerate and you have plenty of option to choose from different joints, forces, motors, teleporters, and inputs. You can pretty much create whatever you want in this game. What Linden Labs has actually done is made the paid version of the original game free, offering up basic creation tools for people to play with without having to spend anything.

If you want the more advanced tools, you can then purchase the full version through an IAP instead of having to go get the paid version separately off of Google Play. Also for those of you with a Kindle Fire, Creatorverse is available on Amazon’s AppStore as well also for free.

Google Play Link: Creatorverse

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