Day: 19 April 2013


War Thunder MMO from Gaijin Entertainment will be coming to Android is responsible for the World of Tanks MMO as well as the upcoming World of Tank Blitz mobile version of their tank combat game which is heading to Android soon. The company is also working on what was once called World of Warplanes. A similar game called War Thunder by Gaijin Entertainment is now in a US open beta for the PC version of the game and the company is now working on a mobile version for it as well.


22Cans’ Curiosity updated, let’s players add blocks now as well

22Cans’ social experiement game Curiosity has gotten updated and this update brings with it a new optional feature players can purchase which makes this game a slight bit more challenging. For those of you trying to be the lucky person to get the last hit in order to win whatever the secret life changing prize is inside the cube, if you think things are not going in your favor, you can now do an IAP that will let you add blocks back onto the Cube.