Lost Light, NetEase’s Escape From Tarkov clone, is out now

NetEase’s latest survival shooter game Lost Light has finally launched in mobile. But is the game as high-end as it’s been hyped up to be on Android and other platforms? 

Lost Light launches on Android 

After months of teases, NetEase’s all-new shooting game is out right now on Android. Available to download right here on the Google Play Store, this post-apocalyptic shooter aims to be a AAA release on mobile. 

Taking place in the 2040s, Lost Light is set in a world where a deadly pheromone outbreak wiped out large populations. An obvious homage to Escape from Tarkov, you’ll go on missions to scavenge resources and upgrade your gear. 

The game is designed as a “high risk, high reward” experience. You’ll be able to escape from missions with weak gear with a high chance of survival. However, if you want the best loot, you may have to face off against a number of other players instead of just AI. 

As a kind of evolved Battle Royale, Last Light is thrilling. It may not be as tight and focused as Escape from Tarkov, but it’s a fun mobile alternative, at least for now. 

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Free to play Escape from Tarkov? 

As a free to play Escape from Tarkov alternative, Lost Light is a fine time. In our couple hours of play, we have yet to see just how pay to win the game will get. Hopefully, not too much. 

As it stands, there are not really any better games on Android that capture the Tarkov experience. Well, unless we’re missing something, in which case, feel free to roast us in the comments. 

What do you think about Lost Light? Are you excited to jump into NetEase’s newest third-person shooter? If yes, tell us in the comments below. If no, you can also tell us, don’t feel left out! 

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