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[UPDATE: Eternal Arena Game Released] NetEase reveals their upcoming line-up of mobile games and a new closed beta program

A couple of days ago we reported on NetEase hosting a free concert at this year’s PAX Prime which will be featuring Steve Aoki. Now we are reporting on NetEase’s upcoming line-up of mobile games as well as the company’s new closed beta program for the Western market. The concert is to celebrate NetEase’s upcoming first western mobile game release, which will be Speedy Ninja, but the company has a lot more planned for the future.

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NetEase will host a free concert at PAX Prime featuring Steve Aoki to celebrate Speedy Ninja’s launch

PAX Prime 2015 is coming up rather quickly and it seem developers are eager to try out new things this year to bring attention to their games. We already have Telltale Games hosting a special ‘Crowd Play’ event at the show where up to 500 people can sit down with the developers and play through the new upcoming Episode 4: Escape Plan Bravo for Tales from the Borderlands.

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NetEase opens up their first office in the West, initial focus on mobile games

You may or may not have heard of NetEase. If you haven’t, this is the company that managed to bring World of Warcraft and Hearthstone to China. They are a big company in other words and they are about to get even bigger as they have announced that they have opened their first headquarters in the West, being here in the US, and that their initial focus will actually be on mobile platforms.