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English Language Beta Test for Tom & Jerry: Chase Hints at Possible Western Launch

Tom & Jerry: Chase, NetEase’s popular 1v4 asymmetric multiplayer game based on the classic cartoon series, is currently in closed beta in Malaysia and Indonesia. 

The game is already a huge success in China, with over 100 million downloads under its belt. It sees you playing as either Tom or Jerry. If you play as Tom, your goal is to catch four mice, including your titular nemesis.

If you play as Jerry, your goal is to run around with three accomplices stealing cheese from a hard-working cat owner.  

There was no indication that a Western release might be on the cards prior to the latest closed beta, and there still hasn’t been any official confirmation, but the latest version of the game is playable in English, which means there’s a good chance that a Western version will turn up at some point.

If it does, you’re looking at a free-to-play game with diamonds, a monthly gold pass, skins, and a variety of other trinkets available to purchase in-app.

Source: Pocket Gamer

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