Madfinger Games tease Shadowgun Deadzone, the multiplayer version of Shadowgun

Back during CES 2012 we got to take some time and do a little hands-on playing of an early build of Shadowgun Deadzone, the multiplayer version of their popular third-person shooter game for Android. It was originally slated for release onto Android shortly after CES 2012 but for whatever reason it never came to be. Well it looks like that very well may be changing due to a new post on their Facebook page which has begun teasing to multiplayer version of Shadowgun.

While our hands-on was of an early build of Shadowgun Deadzone, the potential was definitely there for a rather fun multiplayer experience. It was later learned in our interview with Madfinger Games that Shadowgun Deadzone would be a free-to-play title although how that will work out remains to be seen. Madfinger Games will have to make sure everything is well balanced for both players who buy items in-game and for those that don’t.

Hands-on with an early build of Shadowgun Deadzone

There will be the standard type of multiplayer matches available from Death Match to Capture the Flag and so on that you find in most multiplayer titles of this nature. Judging from the teaser image above, there will also be plenty of characters for people to play as. So when can we expect to see Shadowgun Deadzone to finally arrive on Android? Well there is no exact release date yet but the fact that Madfinger Games is starting to tease it again is a good sign.

Website Referenced: Android Police

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