Manage your own Magazine in the latest Kairsoft game Magazine Mogul

You might remember our previous articles on games that we wanted Kairosoft translated into English. The good news for all you Kairosoft fans out there the magazine sim has finally gotten translated. The bad news is there goes your productive weekend.

The latest is translated as Magazine Mogul I did buy it to try it out and it has more of a Game Dev feeling to it so far, in as you’re creating an article and having various people contributing to the writing or article pictures when you create a magazine. In here, its all about articles and how to write them or the layout and sending your team on expeditions to capture photos and news which would be easier if knew the translations.

They seem to have incorporated their new adventure chest system, just like in Dungeon Village or Epic Astro Story where you send your news team out to take pictures and gather news bits and as they make the trip they encounter various challenges and chest which contain items or points. All are very colorful and the animations are cute.

All in all it seems like it will have some depth to the game and I am sure that it will be just as addicting and time consuming as most of their others. Click on the link below and let us know what you think.

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