Mando Productions’ Hills of Glory 3D blazes onto Google Play

It seems like January 2013 was a pretty decent month for upcoming game announcements and now it seems that April is going to be the month where a lot of those games that were announced will be finally making their way to Google Play. First we have Final Fantasy: All The Bravest this morning, albeit in Japan only right now, and now we have Hills of Glory 3D (published by AMA Ltd) which was also announced back in January.

You may very well be familiar with Mando Productions as they were also the development studio that made Babel Rising 3D which was later picked up by Ubisoft. Well their new game is this new 3D tower defense game set in the World War II era. Actually this is being dubbed as a reverse tower defense game although we are not exactly sure as to why since you are playing the defending role and not the offensive one like in games such as Anomaly Korea.

Hills of Glory 3D comes with two different game modes – Story Mode which has you work your way through 21 progressively more challenging levels and Endless Mode which is pretty much just as the name suggests. Even though you are taking on the traditional defensive role in this game, you do have the ability to take a bit of an offensive stance by destroying specific tactical targets which can be used to block your enemy’s path.

Like all tower defense games, you have a variety of units you can deploy, each with their own unique abilities and upgrades. You can also unlock different ranks as you progress through the game as well as different rewards.

For those of you who are fans of tower defense games, you might want to check this one out. Hills of Glory 3D is available for download off of Google Play for free.

Google Play Link: Hills of Glory 3D

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