Manipulate lasers and mirrors to solve puzzles in Into the Sky, now available for download

Released by errorsevendev, Into the Sky is a new puzzler available for Android. The idea behind the game is fairly straight foward. Players are looking to complete each level, and advance to the next one, by illuminating targets with lasers. Players will be directing a nameless robot around each level, to manipulate the position of various objects, to bring the lasers and targets into alignment.


Once that’s achieved, a portal is opened that allows the robot to progress to the next level, with 70 levels in total. Lasers can be re-positioned in terms of where they are located, but they can’t change the direction in which they are firing. This is where the mirrors come into play, which can also be relocated, but like the lasers, can’t face other directions either. Lasers and their “targeters” are also matched up by color, so green lasers will only be useful in unlocking the green target, blue for blue, and so on. Levels also have other obstacles, literal and figurative. At times, obstacles will be too tall for lasers to pass over the top of them, and thus require a circumnavigation of sorts. At other points, parts of the floor will fall through after the robot passes over it, forcing a form of efficiency in how frequently players.

Into the Sky Features:

• 70 FREE levels ranging from simple to ultra difficult
• Fantastic brain training – this game will give you a great mental workout
• Excellent time killer – play a level whenever you have a spare moment
• Awesome graphics and sounds, with an immersive ambient soundtrack
• Game play options
• Google Play Game Services connected with achievements every 10 levels completed.
• Smooth and reliable game play.
• The ability to skip a level if you cannot solve it.
• Play offline – no wifi required (connection only required for Google Play Game Services if you choose)

As an aside, players should take note as to where the floor is highlighted, for where the portal will illuminate once the puzzles are complete. Placing a laser or mirror on top of it will require players to rework their solution in order to advance. Players do also have the option of replaying levels at any point, as well as just straight up skipping ones that are found to be too difficult.

Into the Sky is currently available from Google Play. The game is offered for free, but it does contain a single IAP for removing the interstitial ads, and it runs a flat $1.99.

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