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Mario Kart Tour’s Halloween Tour Kicks Off Today With New Drivers, Karts, Gliders, and Courses

Mario Kart Tour is getting an injection of spooky today, thanks to the introduction of the brand new Halloween Tour. It runs for two weeks, ending on November 6, and showers you with new drivers, karts, courses, and more.

The highlight of this particular tour has to be Luigi, Mario’s cowardly brother himself. He arrives along with Baby Luigi, Waluigi, and King Boo as the new permanent drivers.

Luigi, Baby Luigi, and Waluigi Join the Ranks of Drivers in Mario Kart Tour’s Halloween Tour

With Luigi comes the classic Luigi’s Mansion course, which is perfect for Halloween. There’s also the spooky Ghost Valley and Waluigi Pinball courses to round things up.

In terms of new Spotlight characters – you know, the ones that are virtually impossible to get unless you spend unseemly sums of cash – there’s Rosalina (Halloween) and the Luigi’s Mansion skin for King Boo.

Oh, and of course there’s a bunch of new karts and gliders, some with a spooky theme and others without. There’s loads of new stuff to collect. So head on over to Google Play and update the app or grab it if, for some reason, you uninstalled it in disgust.

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